Best time to buy a lawn mower in 2022 Complete guide

Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to start thinking about all the outdoor projects you want to complete before summer arrives. If one of your projects is purchasing a new lawnmower, you’re in luck.

Because the best time to buy a lawn mower is coming up very soon! In this blog post, we’ll provide a complete guide on when the best time to buy a lawn mower is, as well as some tips on how to make sure you get the best deal. So don’t wait – read on to learn more!

Best time to buy a lawn mower

When shopping for a new lawnmower, timing does make a difference.

The best time to buy a lawn mower is because there are more opportunities. The best months to purchase a lawnmower are March, April, October, and December. During these months, there are more opportunities to buy a lawnmower at a lower cost because of the lawnmower sales.

And while there are the occasional deal or brand-dependent sales peppered throughout the year, these aren’t as dependable.

While you can’t always control when exactly you’ll need a new lawnmower, you can somewhat control the price you’ll pay. And while it may seem counterintuitive to wait until right before your lawn needs mowing to buy a lawnmower, the best time of year to buy a lawnmower are March, April, October, and December.

The Best Time to Buy a lawn mower

The lawn mower is one of the most important lawn care appliances for lawn owners. You can save a lot of money on lawn mowers and lawn care equipment if you know when is the best time to buy lawn mowers.

The Best Time to Buy a lawn mower

when supply is strong leading up to the busy season but demand is still low, and it’s feasible to get a good deal. When demand is high, however, reductions are almost non-existent, and premium models might sell out quickly. It’s your best time to buy a lawn mower and to get a great price on an older mower once demand drops down and retailers clean their shelves.

The Best Time to Buy a lawn mower is usually in the Fall. Prices tend to fall between March, April, October, and December. But lawn mower sales can be very unpredictable, so it’s hard to pinpoint the best month for lawn mower sales.

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February to March

Shopping for a new lawn mower from February to March will help you get the most out of your investment. Why? Because you’re getting a better price-to-value ratio, chances are good that the dealers’ inventory is more likely to be lower, allowing you more bargaining power.

Plus, lawn mower sales during this time will reflect manufacturers’ clearance of last year’s models to make way for the newest editions coming out around May or June. The latest Consumer Reports survey of about 52,000 readers shows that lawn mowers are generally better deals in February and March.

February to March is the best time to buy a lawn mower


According to research the market of the lawn mower initiates to increase in the month of April. however, it is profitable to visit your local merchants, particularly in the first half of the month.

Dealers and companies are eager to move their inventory and put on discounts to get consumers engaged at the start of the season-best time to buy a lawn mower. Despite not being able to save as much as in other months, we believe that April is still a good time to buy. And you can save up to 10 to 12 % if you buy in the first half in April.

The month of April is also the best time to buy a lawn mower


October tends to be a good time for consumers to buy lawn mowers. Dealers tend to put on sales and offer great deals as the end of the season nears. but be aware of you may not be able to find the new model of the lawnmower at this time but the best time to buy a lawn mower and also you are capable to earn a wonderful discount at this time of the year.

best time to buy a lawn mower if you want to buy one now read best lawn mower


December is another best time to buy a lawn mower at good prices. Manufacturers are looking to clear out the old models on their inventory before beginning on the new year’s models.

With winter coming up, the best time to buy a lawn mower and also you may have to wait until spring to use it as well if you purchase it in December because of extreme weather conditions. its best time to buy a lawn mower if you see any deal

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Worst Times to Buy

The worst time to buy a lawn mower is during the busy season between May and July because at this time of the year, demand is high and you will not get any discount on the lawn mower if you want to buy a lawn mower at a low price. It’s better, however, to let the hectic season pass you by.

Making Sense of Margins

In order to make a well-informed purchase, it is important to compare the prices of several different models within the same price range.

For example, if someone is searching for a lawn mower that costs $499 or less, they will want to compare the recycling fee and shipping fees of each model to determine which is the best value.

The recycling fee can also provide insight into how environmentally friendly a particular brand of lawnmower is. Another important factor to consider is the length of warranties and guaranteed assistance from each manufacturer, as this can be a crucial deciding factor for some individuals.

Lawn Mower Buying Tips

Here are some other tips to follow while buying lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Buying Tips

1. Always buy the brand name lawn mower instead of cheaper ones, because cheaper mowers are generally not durable.

2. Always buy the self-propelled lawn mower if you want to cut your time in cutting grass because it is faster than other manual lawn mowers.

3. Always check before buying any lawnmower if there is a warranty or not, because if there is a warranty then you can return the lawn mower if it doesn’t work properly.

4. Always remove all the gasoline in the tank before storing them for winter because there is a risk of an explosion that may cause a fire in your house when you use a gasoline-filled lawnmower during the winter season after removing it from storage.

5. Always buy a push-type lawnmower if you have a small yard because they are faster and easy to use.

6. Always buy a self-charging lawn mower that runs on electricity instead of gasoline if you want to reduce your cost in maintaining them during the winter season.

7. Make sure that the handle is adjustable according to your height, or it may cause back problems to use them for a long time.

8. Never buy the manual reel lawn mower because they are hard to use and it will take lots of time to cut your grass if you have a large yard area.

9. Never buy the cheap lawn mower or any other equipment from online stores, always go for branded ones.

10. It is very important to know about your local repairman. This will help you save some money and will also help you avoid any kind of hassle on your lawn mower.


A new lawn mower can be an expensive investment, but it’s important to know when the best time of year is to buy a lawn mower. While buying the lawn mower for yourself also look for the points we told you about in this article we hope you enjoyed reading the article if you like this article or have any questions in your mind, please let us know in the comments section.

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